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Cara Fernandez


I started Lucky Penny Craft Co. in 2020 when I realized how much I enjoyed indulging in my creativity, and how much I wanted to share that with others. I love the meditative nature of fiber arts... they have a way of focusing my energy and always make me feel more at peace. I decided to start self-publishing patterns for the crochet and knit designs I'd been dreaming up, with the hope that someone else might discover what I had- how much joy can be found in this craft.

The focus of my designs is to create functional, timeless pieces that can be worked into a wide range of styles and aesthetics. I love to play with texture and color, and tend to gravitate toward simple stitches worked together to create a striking impact. Most evenings you can find me working on my latest WIP while binging something on Netflix, or snuggled up with my rescue pets while I read a great book.

The Designer: About


The name of this brand - Lucky Penny Craft Co. - was chosen as a dedication to my very lucky rescue dog, Penny Lane (affectionately known as "Poots" in our family). The first stroke of luck for both Penny and myself happened when her mother was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee (while pregnant with Penny!) the day before she was set to be euthanized. The shelter was overcrowded at the time and they didn't have the resources to care for the dogs they already had, much less for a whole new litter of puppies. So Penny's mama was rescued and the rest of her life (and mine) was set in motion... The second stroke of luck was the day I adopted her in southern Illinois. When I held Penny for the first time I remember feeling awed by the fact that we both belonged to eachother now, and how excited I was to welcome her to my family. Penny is the both joyful and batshit crazy... giving a little silliness and a lot of love to whomever she meets. She is truly a good-luck dog all around, and I couldn't think of a better way to honor that than to dedicate the name of my business to her.

These days Penny spends most of her time snuggled up next to me while I work or design my next project. Her favorite games are fetch and squirrel-watching at the window. She has a fondness for Pork Chomps and shredded cheese, and most especially, for stealing her kitty siblings food when mom isn't looking. 


The Day We Met


Penny's First Trip to Petsmart


Living Her Best Life

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